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Video Transcript

We're about to show you leaf blowers. You know what a leaf blower does.

What you don't know is that this blower is powered by a dangerously dirty two-stroke engine. And, that's not all.


Besides leaves and dust, just what do blowers blow? Things better left on the ground. These blowers inject into the air what is called Particulate Matter. Particulate Matter is composed of pesticides, fertilizers, spores, molds, fecal matter, insects, dangerous chemicals, allergic fungi and more.
We Californians are facing a time of extraordinary crisis regarding the air we breathe. The UCLA School of Public Health says that the children, the elderly and the leaf blower operators themselves who breathe from these clouds of poisen are significantly risking their health.

Dr. John Froins, an expert in his field, is a professor of toxology at that same UCLA School of Public Health. In a letter to the LA City Council, Dr. Froins talks about the impact of Particular Matter on the human body, which may cause severe lung and respratory problems, allergies and other organic dust problems. He also states that the widespread use of leaf blowers makes their contribution to the overall air pollution significant.

The Los Angeles Times reports that 6,000 Angelenos die every year from breathing Particulate Matter. A ground-breaking Congressional study released this month found toxics in the California air have high enough levels that the risk of cancer was 426 times higher than health standards established by the Federal Clean Air Act of 1990.


The recent and very startling Orange County Grand Jury Report states there are four major health hazards from blower operations. Exhaust pollution, Particulate pollution, quantity of pollution, and noise.


Children, according to scientists, inhale far more pollutants per pound of body weight than adults, and are the most suseptible to asthma. The Jury determined that one leaf blower dumps as much exhaust pollution into the air in an hour as 17 automobiles during the same time, and that 20 tons of Particulate matter are spewed into the Orange County air every day from leaf blower use.
Neighboring homes are not immune to noise. They may be occupied by the elderly, by day workers or sick people. Noise creates stress and aggravation.


After reviewing all sides, The Orange County Grand Jury dismissed arguments that it will cost more to have workers use rakes and brooms, and concluded that the health hazards citizens are exposed to far outweigh any questionable economic benefits.

As we work to reduce toxic air in our environment, we respectfully urge you to support our efforts.


The evidence is mounting. Leaf blowers are dangerous.



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