April 24, 2014, 04:37

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I never said it was easier...I said it was BETTER...more dynamic and imo deserves the title of best dunk of the season so far....We all know what Blake can do and we see him do it every night, this dunk just caught everyone off guard. I thought I couldve been wrong but you got blakes dunk over to the right and I watched both right after each other and I still think Green's dunk is better so i guess its a matter of taste

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just improving. Actually, I kind of dislike all the "smartwatches" because

buy viagra where would tell that story and she decided to go nipping? 

Your retarded, not even most of the people in the NBA can get up like that.

buy viagra where This is all very nice. But the important question is did they play

gosh these kids blow me away lol xx

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queria incursionar mas en el mundo de las guitarra acustica y un rock mas

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