November 11, 2014, 13:29

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Wow throwing the cone at the lady was hilarious! I guess people just dont understand quality humor!

for Rolex Watches;

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Blake Griffin, over-hyped? Yup... But give the man some credit, he knows how to turn up the heat.

discount viagra this as an excuse to be prejudice. the ignorance of some americans is

yeah, I think Green is like 6"9'!! Green is just so smooth and he seems to have "hang time"....

discount viagra Black Abuse!!!! He said thank you. If you did that to a white Putin would

the towel boy: "ohohhhhhh!! did you see that shit!" - gets ready to jump up. "wait. i dont matter..."

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wait they're allowed to bonk noses??????????????????? DATSIT IM BECOMING A

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